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Student Admissions Reps


Hello! Meet Allie, Neil, Siobhan, Jesudhas, Miller, Meriel, and Senri! Our student admissions representatives live and breathe the Covenant experience, and they’re ready to answer all your questions. Representing a wide range of majors, these students are excelling in their disciplines and embracing the wonderful community life at Covenant. They want to learn more about you and your expectations for college. And if they can’t answer your questions, they can connect you with members of our faculty or staff! Reach out today.

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Admissions Counselors 2018-2019



Admissions Representative Eric Vitolins
Erik Vitolins
Senior Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1158
Text: 423.398.6225



Erik is recruiting students in TN and the Atlanta area.



Admissions Counselor Zach Plating
Zach Plating
Senior Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1437
Text: 706.944.3804



Zach is recruiting students in GA-Chattanooga, TN-Chattanooga, TN-Memphis, MA, NY, NH, DE, CT, RI, NJ, and in the following groups: international, military, MK/MTW.



Admissions Counselor Sarah Erickson
Sarah Erickson
Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1603
Text: 469.546-5636


Sarah is recruiting students in AL, TX, MI, MS, AR, LA, OK, NM, AZ, KS, WY, MT, ID, SD, ND, AK, WI.



Admissions Counselor Ian Webb
Ian Webb
Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1644
Text: 443-340-1542


Ian is recruiting students in PA, NC, MD, DC, VA, York County SC.



Admissions Counselor Tim Mahla
Tim Mahla
Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1652



Admissions Counselor David Gambrell
David Gambrell
Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1656



Admissions Counselor Hannah Tippens
Hannah Tippens
Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1445



Admissions Counselor Anne Fuller
Anne Fuller
Admissions Counselor
Call: 706.419.1652




Associate Director of Admissions Claire Hirte
Claire Hirte
Associate Director of Admissions





Coordinator of Admissions Operations Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Coordinator of Admissions Operations




Matthew Bazzel '14 explains how an education at Covenant College transforms minds and enables students to think for themselves.
Ever wonder what it's like to study on top of a mountain? Wonder no more!

Dr. Scott Quatro

Dr. Quatro discusses Covenant’s Reformed theological perspective, unique among Christian colleges and expressed in every discipline on campus.

Lydia Holt '19

“As a liberal arts institution, Covenant is instructing every part of my mind. There are quite a few core courses that are required, and balancing those courses with a major and two minors can be challenging. But all those requirements are preparing me to be an educated, thoughtful member of society who is knowledgeable on matters of faith and culture. I’m learning what it means to truly love others and give every area of my life completely to my King.”
  - Lydia Holt '19