International Student Admissions

International Students


At Covenant College, we are excited to receive applications from students around the world. In the past 4 years, we have welcomed 66 overseas US citizens and 42 international students into our student body. These students have benefited from our rich Christ-centered community and the depth of the academic rigor provided at Covenant, but have also added a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences of cultures from around the globe. This has enriched our entire student body in immeasurable ways.

As you begin the application process, please contact Zach Plating, our international admissions representative, with any questions. Covenant defines international students as anyone who is not a citizen of the United States of America and does not have a U.S. permanent resident visa.



International students should complete the standard application for admission. We encourage international students to complete the SAT, ACT, or CLT when possible. Students whose first language is not English may submit the TOEFL or IELTS in place of the SAT, ACT, or CLT. Please have an official score report sent to us (college number 6124). We require a minimum total score of 577 (paper-based), 233 (computer-based) or 90 (Internet-based) for the TOEFL, or a minimum of 7 for the IELTS. International Students are also required to submit a copy of the biographical page of their passport. As the application elements are collected from the student, the admissions office may ask for supplemental information, for example: a summary or description of educational experience or other additional components.


Financial Aid
Covenant evaluates each international student individually and holistically to determine a financial aid package. Financial aid packages are provided only when a student has been offered admission. No additional financial aid application is required. Once a financial aid award has been provided and the student's enrollment deposit has been submitted, students will submit a declaration of finance to demonstrate the ability to cover the remaining cost of attendance.


Most international students admitted to Covenant obtain F-1 visas. Only admitted students who have committed to Covenant and demonstrated financial ability should begin the visa process.


Larissa Lira Santos

“The strong community, and fellowship in the Lord in an academic environment certainly impacted my decision towards the college. Covenant also seemed to be more interested in the individual than the financial aspect, which sets them apart from other colleges. Students are treated as people and not numbers. Not to mention it’s like living in a castle in the clouds, who wouldn’t want that?”
 - Larissa Lira Santos '19

Covenant's student body represents 44 states and 16 countries

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