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COVID-19 FAQs for Prospective Students

Applicant FAQs

Can I visit campus?

Yes! We have resumed in-person campus visits, and while we are currently limiting tours to one family at a time, we have multiple time slots available. Out of an abundance of caution for all, we have guidelines that will be communicated upon your registration. Click here to register.

We will continue offering online visit options as well, which can be found here.

Last updated 05/22/2020


How can I schedule an online visit and what will it offer?

You can learn more about our online visits and register for them here. At Covenant, personal connection and relationships are a big part of who we are. That’s why visits to our campus are so important; but since you can’t come to us, we’re coming to you, in your home. Meet with your Admissions Counselor to discuss the application, campus community, and academics. You can also choose to speak with a coach and sign up for webinars hosted by our stellar faculty.

Last updated 04/29/2020


If I’m a high school senior, is it too late to apply?

Certainly not! We understand your vision for the future may be evolving each day. If you think Covenant is for you, we will do our best to accelerate your application through our admission process. You can apply online through the Common Application or through our website.

Last updated 04/29/2020


If I’m a junior, when can I apply for admission to Covenant for Fall 2021?

Applications for Fall 2021 will go live on our website and the Common Application on August 1st, 2020.

Last updated 04/29/2020


Since my season was cancelled, can I still be recruited for athletic programs?

Coaches are happy to hear from you. Simply fill out the Recruit Questionnaire for your sport.

Last updated 04/29/2020


If I wasn’t able to take the ACT/SAT because it was cancelled, will that affect my ability to be considered for admission?

In response to the cancellation of the SAT and ACT tests this Spring, we are allowing Fall 2020 applicants who haven't already completed their application to apply "test-optional." New applicants are permitted to submit their application without a test score; however, they may include their test scores if they feel it will benefit their application.


Please note that the Classical Learning Test (CLT) is still being offered online, in the safety of the test-taker’s home.

Last updated 04/29/2020


Will admission for Fall 2021 to Covenant also be “test-optional?”

For students applying for Spring of 2021 and Fall of 2021, we will be continuing the test-optional admission option. Once a student submits their application they will be prompted to inform the college which option they prefer.

Last updated 07/09/2020


If I have more questions about admission to Covenant, who should I talk to?

Your Admissions Counselor! Each counselor is assigned different regions. Find out who your admissions is and how to contact them here.

Last updated 04/29/2020




Admit FAQs

Will the enrollment deposit deadline of May 1st be extended?

We are open to extending the enrollment deposit deadline on a request basis. Students who have deposited by May 1st will be included in our priority housing phase. We still guarantee housing opportunities for students who commit at a later date, but they will miss the priority phase of housing incoming students.

Last updated 04/29/2020


Because of coronavirus, my family’s finances have changed. Will I be able to get more financial aid?

Admitted applicants with financial aid offers should connect with their Admissions Counselor if their family’s finances have been impacted by COVID-19 and are in need of additional financial aid.

Last updated 04/29/2020


What happens if I don’t pay the enrollment deposit before housing begins?

You will not be housed among the first cohort of our class of 2020, meaning you will be housed among the next round of housing which is typically much smaller. However, our staff does our best to intentionally and prayerfully house students no matter when you pay your deposit. On-campus housing will still be guaranteed for students that submit an enrollment deposit, even if they submit past the May 1st deadline.

Last updated 04/29/2020


What if I can't complete my medical forms right now?

You will need to upload all of your medical forms by move-in day, August 21, 2020. However, in light of COVID-19 restrictions on well visits, our Director of Health Services, Tina Holt, FNP-C, encourages students to discuss the options for completing their immunization history forms and any final required imunizations with the office of their primary care provider, pediatrician, or regular physician. We encourage students to complete as many forms as possible, uploading them to the portal each time one is completed.

Last updated 04/30/2020


Will students return to campus for Fall 2020 classes or will they resume online?

The college intends, and is actively planning, to resume operation for the fall. Details of which will be communicated with all students, new and returning, over the summer. Also see the main campus COVID-19 updates on this topic.

Last updated 04/29/2020


What about Pre-Orientation in June?

In place of Pre-Orientation, (an optional addition to Orientation in August), we have created two "orientation courses" in Canvas: Welcome to Covenant College and Welcome to Covenant College - Family Edition. All new first-year students, transfer students, and their families are invited. We plan to have these live by June 25.

Last updated 05/01/2020




International Student FAQs

I’m applying for Fall 2020 and my spring TOEFL or IELTS exam was cancelled, can I still proceed?

Yes, our offer for test optional extends to international students as well. If your application is not yet complete, you have the option to apply without standardized and/or English proficiency exams.

Last updated 04/29/2020


Can I still apply for an F-1 Student Visa during this pandemic?

Yes, the US embassies are still offering appointments for F-1 Student Visas and a limited number of other visas. We will be glad to work with you through this process so you can join us this fall!

Last updated 04/29/2020


When are international students expected to arrive on campus this fall?

Our International Student Orientation will begin on Monday, August 17th. The first day is intended for students to arrive on campus, move into their dorm buildings, and connect with essential staff and resources. We will keep admitted international students who have submitted their deposits apprised of any changes as soon as possible.

Last updated 04/29/2020


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  - international studies major Connor McGimsey '20