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Evening on the Covenant College campus


Tuition & Fee Schedule

2020-21 Tuition & Fees

Item Per Semester Per Year
Tuition—12-18 hours $17,835 $35,670
Student fee $335 $670



2020-21 Residential Fees

Room Type Per Semester Per Year
Room, board & laundry fee    
    5-person room $4,820 $9,640
    4-person room $5,045 $10,090
    3-person room $5,270 $10,540
    2-person room * $5,485 $10,970
    1-person room $5,710 $11,420
Room only - board not included    
    Apartment $1,815 $3,630
*Most students are housed in a 2-person room



2020-21 Parking Fees

Permit Type Per Year
    Zone 1 - Main campus parking $200
    Zone 2 - Scotland Yard parking $150
    Zone 3 - South campus parking $100
    Motorcycle $50



For additional information on other potential costs and fees, please view the detailed 2020-21 Tuition & Fee Schedule  .

For information on 2021-22 costs and fees, please see the 2021-22 Tuition & Fee overview  .


"God is not exalted by lessening your loves. The Christian path is not loving less, it's loving more and rightly...Our goal is not to love less but more."
– Dr. Kelly Kapic
Ever wonder what it's like to study on top of a mountain? Wonder no more!

100 percent of students participate in service learning

Time spent in service to the local community is a key required component of the integrated faith and learning journey that is a Covenant College education.

Allison Andrews '23

“Covenant’s Center for Calling & Career is extremely helpful in preparing students for career success after graduation. They revise resumes, counsel students through difficult decisions, and also host the Job Fair. Covenant believes in prayerful petition, but also in tangible action steps that put students on a path to achieving their goals (both are necessary in this walk).”
  - English major Allison Andrews '23