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About William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce’s whole life was animated by a deeply held, personal faith in Jesus Christ.


Wilberforce had a deep sense of calling that grew into conviction that he was to exercise his spiritual purpose in the realm of his secular responsibility.


Wilberforce was committed to the strategic importance of a band of like-minded friends, devoted to working together in chosen ventures.


Wilberforce believed deeply in the power of ideas and morality to change culture through a campaign of sustained public persuasion.


Wilberforce willingly paid a steep cost for his courageous public stands and was remarkably persistent in pursuing his life’s tasks.


Wilberforce’s labors and faith were grounded in a genuine humanity rather than a blind fanaticism.


Wilberforce forged strategic partnerships for the common good irrespective of differences over methods, ideology, or religious belief.