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Covenant College, The denominational college of the PCA

Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy as a Calling

In a fallen world in which pain and suffering are an everyday reality for many people, the healing professions provide an avenue of faithful service to the Healer and Redeemer of all things. Covenant provides students called to physical therapy with essential foundations for the heart and mind.


Physical therapy offers a challenging people-oriented profession that combines a wide range of social, educational, and technical skills. Training in physical therapy is offered through graduate programs at universities all across the country. Admission to these masters (2 year) and doctoral level (3 year) programs is based on a solid undergraduate preparation, good GRE scores, and experience in physical therapy settings. Competition for entrance into these programs can be stiff and students with less than a 3.5 GPA and mediocre GRE scores will not be encouraged to apply. Physical therapy programs recommend an undergraduate curriculum with a strong background in the liberal arts and extensive general education coursework as well as science coursework that is foundational for specific training in physical therapy. The Health Professions concentration of the Biology major is highly recommended for those interesting in pursuing careers in physical therapy.


Why Take Pre-PT Studies at Covenant?

The strengths of the pre-PT program lay both in the overall context of education at Covenant and in the specific aspects of the pre-PT major. Covenant's curriculum as a whole challenges students to develop an integrated framework for thought and life, for faithfully understanding and pursuing God's callings in every aspect of their lives. To do this, demanding courses in a student's major discipline are combined with an extensive set of core requirements that provide breadth beyond the chosen major and rich context for studies in the major. Students who take full advantage of a Covenant education can emerge from their studies at Covenant energized and equipped to pursue fruitful and faithful callings before God: equipped with the boldness that comes from the realization of a well-founded biblical faith, and with a humility that is fitting for fallen creatures redeemed by grace to work redemptively in a fallen world.


Pre-Physical Therapy Resources