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Covenant College, The denominational college of the PCA


Nursing as a Calling

In a fallen world in which pain and suffering are an everyday reality for many people, the healing professions provide an avenue of faithful service to the Healer and Redeemer of all things. Covenant equips students called to nursing with essential foundations in the heart and mind.


We believe that God calls each of His children to specific areas of service in his Kingdom and we have seen God faithfully use Covenant to bring together gifts, desires and opportunities in students' lives to call them to the nursing profession. Contemporary nursing is a demanding multifaceted calling that utilizes a wide variety of personal characteristics and technical skills such as: compassion, discernment in understanding complex human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, knowledge of disease processes and healing countermeasures, wisdom in approaching ethical issues in modern healthcare, ability to connect quickly and meaningfully with others, perseverance, attention to detail, the ability to quickly learn new methods and new technologies, flexibility in the face of changing health care delivery models, and the ability to responsibly exercise authority and to work under authority.


Why Start Your Nursing Program at Covenant?

To help students meet the demands of this challenging profession, we have developed programs which include the formative and foundational components of a Covenant education that challenges students to develop an integrated framework for thought and life, for faithfully understanding and pursuing God's callings in every aspect of their lives. Students and faculty work together to explore of the implications of Christ's preeminence over all creation in terms of specific academic disciplines as well as in more the more general terms of theology, philosophy, worldviews and the significance of individual human identity in Christ.


The work of the faculty involved in the program includes both a general mentoring role in helping students to be discerning concerning their calling to be nurses and the responsibility to equip students for such a calling through specific course work. The specific course of study at Covenant includes the college's core curriculum and concentrated work in biological and social sciences.


Pre-Nursing Program Options

For program options and degree requirements, consult the Pre-Nursing Studies section of the academic catalog.