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Covenant College, The denominational college of the PCA

Pre-Medical Studies

In a fallen world in which physical pain and suffering are everyday realities for many, the healing professions provide an avenue of faithful service in the name of the Healer and Redeemer of all things. Covenant provides those called to medicine with essential groundwork for the heart and mind.



Covenant's curriculum as a whole is designed to challenge students to develop a biblically grounded framework for thought and action so that they might faithfully understand and pursue God's callings in every aspect of life. Demanding courses in a student's major discipline are thus combined with an extensive set of core requirements that provide breadth beyond the chosen major and a rich context for studies in the major. Students who take full advantage of a Covenant education will emerge from their studies energized and equipped to pursue fruitful and faithful callings before God. They will be equipped with the boldness that comes from the realization of a firmly grounded biblical faith and with a humility that is fitting for fallen creatures redeemed by grace to work out redemption in a fallen world. They will be energized by an enlarged vision of the reach of Christ's rule into all aspects of life and by a confidence rooted in the power and promises of God to work in and through individual believers as He accomplishes His purposes in the world in Christ.


Medical schools are seeking students who are much more than narrowly trained technicians. They are looking for service-minded individuals of integrity, who are well developed as whole persons and well informed about the world at large. They want to recruit students who are able to think critically and systematically, who have human relational skills and are well prepared in the foundational aspects of the biological and physical sciences. Covenant's emphases on theological and spiritual development, on the liberal arts, and on challenging coursework make Covenant an ideal environment for premedical education.


Although a science major is not a premedical requirement, most premedical students major in a scientific discipline. Covenant offers rigorous majors in each of the disciplines in which medical schools specify course prerequisites in the sciences. The faculty members in the sciences have extensive research and teaching experience in their disciplines. They are theologically committed to the principle that scientific study is not to be seen as an impediment to the faith or as a substitute for faith or as an area of human activity isolated from faith. Science is never a neutral enterprise and they believe that the science one does reflects in various ways the underlying worldview commitments of the scientist and his or her cultural context. For Christians, scientific study should emerge naturally from our commitment to the Creator/Redeemer Lord and our faith in Him should be integral to our work in the sciences.