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Pre-Law References & Resources

Law School Information

Students choose law schools for a great variety of reasons:  some because of prestige, some because of specialty, and some because of location or family proximity.  Covenant graduates have attended law schools all over the country.  Among the private law schools attended by recent graduates are Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Emory, Tulane, Rutgers and Wake Forest.  Others have chosen quality state schools like the University of Washington, the University of Georgia, and University of Alabama.  What has been common among our graduates is the sense that between our rigorous liberal arts education and the development of a critical Christian perspective, Covenant prepared them to succeed not only in law school, but in legal practice and in life.


Recommended Books

The Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools published by the American Bar Association and the Law School Admissions Council each year is a key reference to all ABA approved law schools in the United States. The guide reports academic statistics, statistics regarding the make-up of the student body, admissions statistics and much more. In addition, the guide contains practical information regarding law school and the practice of law ranging from Pro-Bono practice information, information on the ABA accreditation process, how to finance law school, and finding a job after law school. In most situations the guide should be the only reference one need consult to find desired information. A current edition of the guide is available for loan in Dr. Follett's office located in Sanderson 210.


For more specific situations, the guide includes a list of recommended, specialized readings pertaining to particular areas of legal education and practice. The following are a few selections from that list recommended by the Pre-Law Society:

  • Barber, David H. Winning in Law School: Stress Reduction. 2d ed. Dillon, CO: Spectra, 1986.
  • Bay, Monica. Careers in Civil Litigation. Chicago: American Bar Association/Law Student Division, 1990.
  • Bell, Susan J. Full Disclosure: Do You Really Want to Be a Lawyer? Princeton, NJ: Peterson's Guides, 1989.
  • Briggs, Amy Thompson. Degrees of Difference: A How-To Guide to Choosing a Law School. Washington, DC: National Association of Law Placement, 1998.
  • Deaver, Jeff. The Complete Law School Companion: How to Excel at America's Most Demanding Post-Graduate Curriculum. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1992.
  • Estrich, Susan. How to Get Into Law School.



For general information:


For the American Bar Association:


For ABA-approved law school listings:


For the Internet Legal Research Group (contains information both on law schools and the profession):


Dr. Follett Pre-Law Advising

Dr. Follett describes the pursuit of a career in law as a commitment to the practice of Christian service.

Jonathan Mullen

History major Jonathan Mullen practices transactional law while striving to "protect the reputation of the gospel" in his professional relationships.