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The college of the Presbyterian Church in America in Lookout Mountain, Georgia


The study of philosophy at Covenant College is directed to helping students understand what philosophy is and how it has an inescapable relevance to their lives. The history of philosophy is an account of philosophers and thinkers making recommendations about how to conceive of or to interpret this or that element of human experience. One of the aims of philosophy is to examine these recommendations to see how they stand up under rigorous analysis. A further aim of philosophy is to bring together such interpretive ideas and concepts into a coherent framework or worldview. Distinctively Christian philosophy seeks to study the ideas and concepts that compose a given worldview from the standpoint of biblical presuppositions. The end of such activity is to assist students in developing a Christian worldview that enables them better to live in a way that pleases God and that consequently provides for a more meaningful life.


The study of philosophy provides an intellectual background in the history of human thought that equips students to have a better understanding of other academic disciplines. It also increases skill in the logical analysis of ideas.


"Dr. Davis has given me an example to strive after for moral discipline and a good metric for thinking about ethical situations from a Christian perspective."
- Ian Banks ’20 | chemistry major


Programs, Courses, and Requirements