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History & Politics Faculty

Dr. Richard Follett

Richard R. Follett
Professor of History
On faculty since 2001





Dr. Jay Green

Jay D. Green
Professor of History
On faculty since 1998





Peter Hill

Peter Hill
Visiting Professor of Political Science
On faculty since 2019





Dr. Cale Horne

Cale Horne
Associate Professor of Political Studies
On faculty since 2011


706.820.2165 (fax)



Dr. Alicia Jackson

Alicia Jackson
Associate Professor of History
On faculty since 2004





Dr. Paul Morton

Paul J. Morton
Professor of History
Department Chair
Dean of Academic Programs
On faculty since 1994





Anna Rannou

Anna Rannou
Lecturer in Political Science



Dr. Alicia Jackson

Dr. Alicia Jackson was awarded a grant from The Louisville Institute. The institute is interested in advancing American religious and theological scholarship.

Jonathan Mullen

History major Jonathan Mullen practices transactional law while striving to "protect the reputation of the gospel" in his professional relationships.