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Student Experiences in Global Education

Hear from Covenant students who have participated in Study Abroad, May term, and Spring Break experiences.




“My study abroad experience challenged me to have confidence in my abilities and who I am, while still teaching my humility and how to work through sometimes very difficult and tense group situations. It showed me how to deeply appreciate and not underestimate those who are different than you, but rather to approach them and new situations with an open mind to learning. After four months of living with a strange family in a strange country using a strange language, I realized that life was not actually so strange by the time I left, and was reminded that though challenges are often daunting and overwhelming, the process of working through them is invaluable and you appreciate the results more when you have felt the struggles along the way.”
  - Daniel Lloyd | Costa Rica

Global Education

Eliza Cary '16 shares her experience studying Jane Austen at Oxford University. While studying abroad, Eliza had the chance to personally visit many of the settings in Jane Austen's novels, as well as Austen's home.

Global Education

John Christian Kuehnert '17 describes the experience of studying abroad at Oxford college, including going punting on a river.