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Intercultural Learning Experience | COR337

The intercultural learning experience is part of Covenant’s core curriculum, offering an opportunity for experiential learning using the action-­reflection model as students experience a cross­-cultural environment. Students do preparatory reading, complete field notes throughout the experience, and reflect after the experience through essays and in meetings with a faculty evaluator.


In 2017, Covenant students traveled to 31 countries for study abroad, May term courses, internships and short-term missions trips­. These experiences can provide the experiential basis for the students' work in COR337.


In addition, many Covenant students choose to pursue cross-­cultural experiences closer to home, here in the United States. Students teach English as a second language, work with refugees, tutor, teach art, or coach sports in cross­-cultural settings.


For some students, coming to Covenant is, in itself, a cross­-cultural experience, and those students may choose to attend a semester-­long series of discussion groups, aimed at helping them process and reflect upon their experiences here.


COR337 Catalog Description:

Students involve themselves as participant­-observers in a cultural/ethnic setting other than their own culture of origin (or subculture of their own country) in a deep and meaningful way either as temporary members of a family, workers in that society, or volunteers in a service or mission agency with the intention of engaging that culture as fully as possible in a specified period of time. Planning for the intercultural experience should begin upon declaration of a major. The COR 337 intercultural learning contract must be approved by a member of the Intercultural Competencies Committee before the experience.

Students should feel free to contact Lindsay Saunds to discuss their options for meeting this experiential learning requirement.