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Global Education

The Office for Global Education is dedicated to encouraging and directing cross-­cultural connections and learning at Covenant College. Through oversight of short-­term, off­-campus, faculty-­led courses, semester and summer study-abroad opportunities, and the COR337 Intercultural Learning Experience, the Office for Global Education works with faculty, staff, and students to foster a community that values the creative power of God, the dignity and humanity of others, and the opportunity to learn and grow in humility.


Covenant encourages students to pursue cross-­cultural experiences to better understand and appreciate the world around them and the myriad of cultures in which God is at work, including their own. Our hope is that students who connect across cultures and thoughtfully reflect on their experiences will grow in their appreciation for the variety of God’s creative work in and through men, women, and children created in His image, in their love for and understanding of the global church and its challenges, struggles and strengths, and in increasing humility as they listen and learn to consider other perspectives.


Recent Student Participation

During the 2016-2017 academic year, including the summer of 2017, 63 Covenant students studied abroad for academic credit. Students of all academic years and fifteen academic programs studied abroad in fourteen countries. This includes students who studied abroad for full semesters, Covenant's three-week May Term programs, summer study programs, and credit-bearing internships.
In addition, during that time, 90 Covenant students traveled abroad for non-credit experiential learning activities including research or field work, volunteering or service learning, internships and work abroad, or other activities (performing arts trips, travel seminars or study tours, sports tours, or language study). These students again represented all years and many majors, and they traveled to thirty countries.
Besides these 153 students, another 85 students completed an intercultural experience for their COR 337 course requirement within the United States, whether here in the Chattanooga area or in other locations around the country.



“Studying abroad changed my perspective on everything I thought I knew coming into it. It taught me priceless observation skills, humbled me, and gave me cross-cultural social knowledge for a lifetime.”
  - Susanna Taft | Paris