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The college of the Presbyterian Church in America in Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Engineering 3:2 Program

Students in this program study for three years at Covenant College before transferring to an approved engineering school. The pre-engineering program allows students to gain the benefits of the Christ- centered education offered by Covenant and the excellent scientific training available from a variety of universities and technical institutes. The program prepares students for study in the areas of civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and industrial engineering, along with their associated sub-disciplines. Please note that architecture is not an area of engineering and as such is not part of the pre-engineering program. While we have an articulation agreement as a Dual Degree Program partner institution with the Georgia Institute of Technology, recent participants in the program have also attended a number of other universities such as Auburn University, North Carolina State University, Purdue University, and the University of Alabama - Huntsville.


"The way Dr. Stern showed his Christian faith through what he’s passionate about taught me that an engineer can also be a devout Christian."
- Bennett Jonathan ’21 | pre-engineering major