Christian college core curriculum

Core Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees

Our core liberal arts curriculum provides a strong foundation in a variety of subjects, including the arts, sciences, and the humanities. This interdisciplinary core nurtures academic skills and understanding while acquainting our students with the broad scope of disciplines. In the freshman class "The Christian Mind," our faculty lays the foundation for an integrative worldview and how our faith must inform and direct our study.


Grace Buys '19

"Because I am currently undecided, I have been able to take a lot of Core classes. This has made me appreciate the wide range of knowledge that a private liberal arts college offers. It has also given me an appreciation of a variety of fields of study. I have been learning that the Core at Covenant is not a burden but a privilege."
 - Grace Buys '19

Lydia Holt

"As a liberal arts institution, Covenant is instructing every part of my mind. There are quite a few core courses that are required, and balancing those courses with a major and two minors can be challenging. But all those requirements are preparing me to be an educated, thoughtful member of society who is knowledgeable on matters of faith and culture. I’m learning what it means to truly love others and give every area of my life completely to my King."
 - Lydia Holt '19