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Christian college core curriculum

Core Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees

Our core liberal arts curriculum provides a strong foundation in a variety of subjects, including the arts, sciences, and the humanities. This interdisciplinary core nurtures academic skills and understanding while acquainting our students with the broad scope of disciplines. In the freshman class "The Christian Mind," our faculty lays the foundation for an integrative worldview and how our faith must inform and direct our study.


Ashley Parker '20

"Core classes seemed like a lot to take on when I began my freshman year, but I have really enjoyed them. Core classes push me to think about various fields of study that I wouldn’t normally encounter in my major. Bible classes have been formative in developing my own beliefs, and CHOW classes have given me a Christian perspective on the culture we live in. As a math major, it is easy to think solely about numbers and equations, but classes like CHOW have taught me that famous mathematicians connect math with philosophy. As a Christian I see math as the work of my Creator, but historical mathematicians may have viewed math in a completely different light. It has been especially important for me to think through these other perspectives and form my own so that when asked, 'Why do you study math if you are a Christian?' I will have an answer. I never expected to experience these questions, but I have. I am thankful that I was prepared with an answer that glorifies God and his order in this world."
 - Ashley Parker '20

Andrew Dillon

"My core classes show me how to find God’s glory in everything I do. I was especially able to see that through my biology lab. These core classes encourage me to think differently about my business classes and seek the Lord in whatever field I go into."
 - Andrew Dillon '20