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Business Faculty

Arwen Matos-Wood

Arwen Matos-Wood
Assistant Professor of Marketing
On faculty since 2018





Scott Quatro

Scott Quatro
Professor of Management
Department Chair
On faculty since 2006





Mark Slavovsky


Mark Slavovsky
Assistant Professor of Accounting
On faculty since 2017





Michaela Kourmoulis

Michaela Kourmoulis
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
On faculty since 2020



Anna Nicklow

“I really enjoy the biblical perspective that I share with the professors. I love the people in my major and enjoy the many study sessions spent with them. Learning about how to best show the love of Christ in the workplace and how there is so much opportunity to mimic our Savior while doing the things you love is a unique educational experience.”
 -business major Anna Nicklow '20

Andrew Dillon

“There are so many different aspects of business , and I enjoy how my classes have covered such a broad spectrum of concepts and methods. I have always been a more practical person and like to know why I’m learning something and how it’s applicable.”
 -business major Andrew Dillon '20