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Senior Integration Project


Every graduate of Covenant College's liberal arts program will have completed a bachelor's thesis, known as the Senior Integration Project (SIP).

A SIP isn't a term paper that can be written shortly before it's due; it's the culmination of your learning as a Covenant student. Each department provides careful preparation to aid students in researching a topic and providing a consideration of that topic in light of our Reformed faith. The SIP provides a model of integrative activity that can inform faithful practice as graduates move from Covenant to their next area of vocation. Covenant students have used their SIPs to open doors to graduate schools, form the basis of master's theses, and even launch businesses and careers.

A Covenant student's Senior Integration Project is a demonstration of his or her level of achievement in the major field. It is a substantial paper, assessed in each of the following areas:


  • Mastery of content
  • Christian integration
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication relative to the construction or defense of the paper

2019 Senior Integration Project topics include:


  • Memory, Place, and Ideal Space
  • The Year of Release: Deuteronomy 15:1-11 in Honor-Shame Perspective
  • Biological Stress Responses and the Development of Type II Diabetes
  • An Exploratory Examination of Business as Mission, Stockholder Theory, and Stakeholder Theory: Achieving Mission Through the Pursuit of Ethical Profit Maximization
  • The Impact of Music on Employee Productivity
  • The Chemistry of the Nuclear Bomb
  • Social Capital’s Effects on Career Development
  • Moral By Design: A Critical Analysis of User Interface Patterns
  • Convergence and Factors of Cross-Country Economic Growth
  • Best Practices for Urban Mathematics Education: A General Synthesis over an Extensive Field
  • Psychological Benefits of the Responsive Classroom Approach
  • It's Okay to Laugh At That: A Critical Analysis of Cicero's and David Foster Wallace's Theories of Humor
  • The English Reception of Kant in the 1790s: Empiricism, Conservatism, and the Discourse on English Identity
  • The Effect of Music upon Ministry in Peru
  • Indo-Pakistani Nuclear Relations: The Effects of a Civilian Nuclear Program on Weapons Proliferation
  • Mathematical Anxiety: Instructional Strategies to Prevent and Counteract It Within the Classroom
  • The Theological Implications of Olivier Messiaen’s Compositional Techniques
  • Proper Certainty: The Compatibility of Epistemic Humility and Christian Exclusivism
  • Christian Excellence in Engineering Design: The Development of the Optical Dot Patch
  • The Beneficial Effects of Music on Neural Structures Damaged in a Traumatic Childhood
  • From Inner-personal to Interpersonal: Relational Trauma, its Causes, Effects, and Solutions
  • Coaching for Christ in the Secular World of Sports



SIP Resources

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