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Senior Integration Project


Every graduate of Covenant College's liberal arts program will have completed a bachelor's thesis, known as the Senior Integration Project (SIP).

A SIP isn't a term paper that can be written shortly before it's due; it's the culmination of your learning as a Covenant student. Each department provides careful preparation to aid students in researching a topic and providing a consideration of that topic in light of our Reformed faith. The SIP provides a model of integrative activity that can inform faithful practice as graduates move from Covenant to their next area of vocation. Covenant students have used their SIPs to open doors to graduate schools, form the basis of master's theses, and even launch businesses and careers.

A Covenant student's Senior Integration Project is a demonstration of his or her level of achievement in the major field. It is a substantial paper, assessed in each of the following areas:


  • Mastery of content
  • Christian integration
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication relative to the construction or defense of the paper

2018 Senior Integration Project topics include:


  • An Invitation to Tears: The Psychological and Biblical Case for Grief
  • Remembering Those Who Forget: An Evaluation of the Causes, Treatments, and Care for Alzheimer's Disease
  • Teaching Piano in Community: Shaping Student Motivation through Social Support
  • A Theology of Food: Food, Fellowship and Finding Shalom in the Kingdom of God
  • Mobile Phones and the Christian Life: A Historical and Sociological Theology
  • The Formation of Apartheid Policies in South Africa, 1930-1948
  • Art Really Can Make You More Human
  • Psychological Factors and Predictors of Injury Recovery
  • The Louisiana Purchase Exposition: Race and the Legacy of St. Louis's World's Fair
  • A Theology of Laughter: Why We Laugh and What We Can Learn From its Redemptive Qualities
  • Fairy Tale and its Impact on Faith and Wonder in the Lives of Children
  • For the Beauty of the Earth: A Biblical Theology of Creation Care that Calls the Church to Gospel Action
  • Kingdom Construction: Why Biblical Values in Construction are Beneficial for the Kingdom and Business
  • Blight and Beautification: Exploring the Effects of Renewal in a City