Carter Hall renovation


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Campus Weather

Temperature 72.8° Rain Rate 14.05   in/hr
Humidity 73% Today's Rain 240.91   in
Wind S at 1.0 mph Wind Chill 72.8°
Barometer 29.884 in & Falling Rapidly Heat Index 74.0°

High Temperature
recorded at 4:48pm
74.4° High Barometer
recorded at 9:34am
30.014   in
Low Temperature
recorded at 10:06am
61.2° Low Barometer
recorded at 5:09pm
29.883   in
High Humidity
recorded at 3:15am
98% High Rain Rate
recorded at 12:00am
14.40   in/hr
Low Humidity
recorded at 2:17pm
65% Low Wind Chill
recorded at 9:55am
High Wind Speed
recorded at 12:30am
14.0 mph High Heat Index
recorded at 4:45pm
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It only takes a minute to get a taste of one week on the Covenant College campus.
Taken the evening of 10.13.2013 by Matt McLelland.