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View is Covenant College's print magazine for alumni, parents, and friends.


View's purpose is to:


  • Encourage alumni, parents, and friends to keep Christ preeminent in all areas of their lives
  • Give alumni, parents, and friends - our most important ambassadors - stories and information about the College, its students, alumni, faculty, and staff
  • Provide alumni with an ongoing connection to the Covenant community
  • Give God's people news about Covenant that will encourage them to praise, thank, and petition our Heavenly Father.


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Autumn 2014

This I Believe

I Belong to Jesus

Student Scholarship

Faculty View: Careful Listening

President's Postscript: Our Privilege



Spring 2014

The Comfort & Hope of Adoption

All I Know Is Grace

Is Technology the Devil?

Faculty View: Grow Up, Will You?!

President's Postscript: Duplex Truth & the Christian Scholarly Calling



Autumn 2013

Celebrating the BUILD Campaign

Memory Keeping

An Unexpected Friendship

Faculty View: Grateful Learning

President's Postscript: On Success



Spring 2013

Ada's Letter

It's Not Community

Student Roundtable on the Local Church

Moms in Prayer

Faculty View: Depression & the Puritans

President's Postscript: Rightly Ordered Loves



Autumn 2012

A Path with Purpose


Mountaintop Experience

Faculty View: Shakespeare and the Nations

Q&A with President Halvorson



Spring 2012

A Broader Perspective

Studying Abroad at Covenant

Past, Present, & Future

The Thirty-Nine-Year Book

Faculty View: Today’s Calvinist Resurgence

The Nielson Legacy | Reflecting & Looking Ahead

From the President



Autumn 2011

Growing a Business

Faculty View: Caught Up In Story

From the President



Spring 2011

Focusing on What We Do Best

At Home Somewhere Else

Building on a Solid Foundation

Making the Classroom the Real World

Transformation Not Transaction

Like a Chess Piece

Faculty View: Theatre is Incarnation

From the President



Autumn 2010

Continued Strength

Nothing but the Truth

What Sets Covenant Apart

Preserving the Gospel

Faculty View: Pre-Law Advising

From the President



Spring 2010



Autumn 2009



Spring 2008



Autumn 2007