Reports From the Field

Read what students have to say about their experiences.

It was really a growing experience for me and I would tell everyone that they should go and learn as well. These lessons will help me for the rest of my life.

- Lori Hazlegrove (Brussels, Break on Impact 2007)

Peruvian culture really emphasizes relationships, and that's what this trip was about. And as far as giving to the community, all we had to offer each other was Jesus... I don't want to live for myself, but I want to live to fulfill my true calling; that is, to serve Christ. And this requires serving others and humbling myself, as Jesus did for us.

- Bethany Carlton (Peru, Break on Impact 2007)

It was such a blessing to be able to go on this trip in the first place, and then once we were there, I loved meeting new people and really getting into the students' lives... I was really able to see how God is working throughout the world in a different culture...God does work through His people and uses us to plant seeds in other peoples' lives.

- Caroline Witmer (Mexico City, Break on Impact 2007)

I think this experience allowed me to be immersed into another culture and helped me experience God's work outside of America. This experience allowed me to better understand my calling to share the good news and to be involved with the church of Christ globally.

- Mary Kate Reed (Brussels, Break on Impact 2009)

Traveling always makes me realize how big the world is and how differently the rest of the world lives from white America. It encouraged me to rest hard and work hard in the work of the Lord. Traveling to the African church makes me understand the crucialness of the Word of God and of worship too. I love Africa because it is a culture of being, not doing, like America. Success and identity does not have to do with accomplishment but who you are. There's more time to chill and just be. I want to apply that here.

- Samuel Andrew Belz (Kenya, Summer 2007)

I will be changed forever, because now that I have been to Spain and seen all of the need there I won‘t be able to ignore it. I fell in love with Spain, and the people there.  I will never forget the impact that the missionaries there had on me. Working right along side of the missionaries was a great experience, but really being immersed in the culture was probably one of the best experiences. It was such an educational experience, and I feel like I have an understanding of how the people of Spain operate now.

- Callie Pribyl (Madrid, Break on Impact 2009)

I was impacted by the Christian fellowship that we had with complete strangers on the other side of the world, simply because we all proclaim the name of Christ. The power of Christ's love to bind people together and unite them in the cause of sharing his love is incredible to me.

- Megan Reichmann (Athens, Break on Impact 2009)