Center for Calling & Career

As we walk alongside Covenant’s student body, we seek to broaden each student’s perspective and explore how specific personal interests, skills, abilities, and values benefit the world around us. That process begins the first day a new student steps onto campus. As part of the Christian Mind course, all new students complete a Focus2 assessment, which launches their career exploration process.


Because we seek to help students identify and boldly pursue their callings, the Center for Calling & Career works to build relationships with employers who are seeking students for internships and job opportunities. We teach students how to pursue individual career paths, whether they are interested in local, national, or international opportunities, for-profit or non-profit organizations, large corporations or small businesses.


Similarly, we offer constructive feedback to students and alumni on how best to communicate their gifts to potential employers and organizations. We are here to assist with resume building, acquisition of networking tools, and the fine-tuning of interview skills.


It is our hope that collaboration with our office will help strengthen students’ initiative and help them engage the world around them by plugging into areas where they can make a difference—wherever they are called.


Resources Available

The Center for Calling & Career offers a number of resources to students throughout their time at Covenant. These resources include:

  • Focus2: an online career, major, and education planning system
    This is a required assignment in Christian Mind, COR 100.
  • CareerDirect® online assessment
    Students may purchase a key code to complete a Crown Ministries Assessment covering personality, interests, skills/abilities, and values.
  • Job & resume database
    The Center for Calling & Career utilizes the College Central Network's job and resume database. Free registration is necessary to view all job opportunities, including full-time, part-time, and one-time positions.
  • Individual meetings & seminars covering a variety of topics, including:
    • resume and cover-letter writing
    • writing a LinkedIn profile
    • major/career decision-making
    • how to identify and pursue job opportunities and internships
    • developing networking skills
    • mock interviews targeted for specific fields
    • individual review and critiques of targeted resumes
  • ​Annual events, including:
    • field-specific recruiting luncheons
    • missions and non-profit organization informational sessions
    • graduate school recruiter visits
    • fellowship program informational sessions
    • mock interview and networking events
    • alumni career panels
    • faculty calling luncheons
    • LifeKit: preparing for life after graduation
    • Seed Project: an entrepreneurship competition


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