Build Your Resume

We are excited you are starting this process! Our goal is to help you more easily and accurately communicate what you have to offer to potential employers. Below are steps to help you walk through the resume-writing process.


This resume will be a marketing device for selling you, as well as your skills and experiences, to potential employers, so it must be specific and sharp.


Read our Resume Writing Guide.
Reading this guide in its entirety will equip you to start the process of writing your rough draft. Feel free to email or call our office (706.419.1160) with any questions concerning this process. We are glad to help!


Send your resume and cover letter to and one of our trained editors will review and suggest edits that will make your document stronger.


Edit your resume to incorporate the suggestions that you received and get your resume looking as sharp as possible.


Finalize & Target
Set up a meeting with Leda Goodman to put the final touches on your resume by incorporating keywords and discussing ways to more effectively target your resume to specific opportunities.