Pre-Pastoral Professional Development

In an effort to help build the next generation of the church’s pastoral leadership, Covenant has organized a pre-professional pastoral internship program. This program matches student interns with churches who have a long-range vision in sowing into the lives of young men who are seeking to pursue a calling in eventual full-time pastoral ministry.


Students seeking opportunities to gain pastoral experience through an internship can view a list of posted openings by visiting our internship opportunities page and searching for pastoral and church-related internship postings.


Students can also register to be notified of open positions by joining our Pastor & Church Internships (PCI) Google Group.


Churches wishing to advertise opportunities to Covenant students may fill out this form to create a pastoral internship posting. The College has a few criteria for developing an internship relationship with churches.


Internship Criteria

Covenant’s intent in organizing pre-pastoral internships is twofold: that the experience would serve to affirm students who are seriously considering pastoral ministry, and that they would also give churches the opportunity to invest in the lives of the next generation of church leaders.


With that in view, we see the following elements being essential to this internship relationship:


  • In most cases the internship will be filled in the summer, so a duration of 8 weeks would be a minimum.
  • The real value of this internship will lie in the one-on-one mentorship that that takes place weekly between the student intern and the senior or an associate pastor. Such discussions would be best if they centered on a book assigned by the pastor.
  • Journaling will be important for the student: student interns will keep a weekly journal of internship experiences, to will be reviewed/discussed by Covenant’s chaplain at the the internship’s completion.
  • Student will be compensated a minimum of $250/week if housing is provided. Ideally, housing will be provided to relieve the student intern from the burden of acquiring housing. If housing is not provided, we ask that the church double the compensation rate.
  • The student will prepare a weekly sermon with input from the pastor, and will be allowed to preach at least once at the end of the internship.
  • Students should be allowed to accompany pastors when visiting members of the congregation.
  • Ideally, the student intern will be given the opportunity to regularly pray for the church with the pastor.
  • Witnessing church governance is important, so these student interns will be invited to attend session meetings.


Interested students will need to interview with Covenant’s chaplain before being matched with a church, and interested churches will interview prospective interns prior to accepting them.