Student Intern: Ben Scott

Ben Scott

Hometown: Lilburn, Georgia

Major: History

Minor: Business, German


Extracurricular Activities: Maclellan Scholarship, Student Senate


Internship: In May and July, 2010, I worked for my Congressman John Linder.  Congressman Linder represents the 7th Congressional District in Georgia. I worked 40 hours per week. Tasks included sorting mail from constituents, lobbying organizations and congressional staff, drafting multiple response letters for John Linder to concerned constituents, attending multiple hearings and meetings for staff in office, answering constituent phone calls, and attending bi-weekly staff strategy meetings.


My life was changed while interning in Washington, D.C.  I am a history major, and thus working in an environment where history happens greatly benefited me. I learned how the legislative branch of our government really operates.  I was able to meet various Congressmen and Senators, attend social gatherings in the evenings, and be a part of life in Washington, D.C.


Although the college environment allowed me to understand complex international issues, working on Capitol Hill and working for my Congressman allowed me to understand these issues in reality. I was able to come to my own conclusions on what I had studied and develop my own beliefs.


Why an internship? I wanted to gain experience working on Capitol Hill.  The previous summer I'd worked for the Family Research Council and in the think-tank/lobbying world, and I wanted to gain congressional experience.  I am passionate about America and my country's future and desired to serve my fellow Georgia constituents.


How did you get the internship? My older brother Eric, a Covenant graduate, had interned for Congressman Linder.  I already knew and had met most of the staff.  I applied and interviewed and was accepted.


What are your plans/goals for the future? I plan on joining the military after I graduate.  I greatly desire to serve my country.  After this I hope to go to law school and be an attorney. I would love to be involved in politics, live on a farm, and have a family.


How does your internship relate to your career plans? I hope to serve my country after I graduate and this internship gave me an opportunity to do so even in college.