Student Intern: Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Hometown: Mount Prospect, Illinois

Major: Business

Minor: Economics


Extracurricular Activities: Basketball, Intramural Sports, and Business Club.


Internship: Cartwright Hitching & Frazier is a financial advising firm in Chattanooga, TN, that helps individuals plan for their life ahead.


I interned there in the spring of 2010, performing the following duties:


  • Met with clients to discuss financial future and goals
  • Assisted in creation of financial plans for clients and prospects
  • Helped developed investment strategies for current portfolios


I was able tobring a fresh perspective and look at what they presented to their clients and how as an outsider I would understand things. I was able to help update their presentation materials and discuss future strategies that could stimulate growth.


My internship helped me better understand that I enjoy the world of finance, though financial advising is not for me at this point in my life.  I also learned how important people skills are in the business world and what you learn in classes does not always directly translate to the real world.


There was a direct relation from what I learned in finance classes to some of the strategies that were pursued for client's portfolios especially along the lines of risk management and diversification. I think internships are key for both learning what you truly enjoy doing and also to start networking with individuals within your given field. 


Why an internship? To see how much I would like the field of financial advising to individuals.  Also to better understand what I learned in the classroom and how it applied in the real world.


How did you get the internship? Covenant's Center for Calling & Career put me in touch with the CEO, Mike Cartwright.


What are your plans/goals for the future?I hope to get a job in the world of finance and after working for 5 years or so I would like to pursue an MBA from a top school.