Student Intern: Victoria Griffis


Hull, England


Interdisciplinary Studies


Internship: Skuid, LLC
I had the opportunity to intern at Skuid, LLC, as a development intern. Skuid is the number one user interface toolkit for the Salesforce platform. My days were spent in the office completing projects, trying my hand at some basic coding, and learning about what developers do day-to-day. I worked alongside the other development intern, Emily, on tasks given to us, and even got to accompany the team on a 2-day business trip where we presented our work to customers.  


The people at Skuid are incredibly generous and fun to work for. While I was gaining skills for a potential career, I was also getting a great office experience. One of my favorite moments at Skuid happened every Friday morning when the entire office gathered to eat a breakfast of Niedlov's cinnamon rolls! It was a good place to acquire technical and professional skills and also to learn what it means to have a sense of community and fellowship in the office—something that I think can be pretty rare in this context.


How did you get your internship? 
I heard about the internship opportunity through friends at Covenant and I had taken an art class with Professor McElrath in a previous semester, so I knew I wanted to apply. I worked with the Center for Calling & Career to practice networking skills and polish my résumé. 


What are your future career goals and how does your internship relate to those career plans? 
Before I started working at Skuid, I was very conflicted about my future career due to a restless curiosity in a variety of subjects. However, I had recently resolved to pursue computer science in grad school so getting an internship at Skuid was definitely an answer to prayer. Throughout the internship, I learned a lot about myself—what skills I can contribute to a team, and that my curiosity is actually a benefit in my ability to work and my perspective when it comes to problem-solving. 


I think a big part of the growth I experienced was directly related to working with a start-up where I was allowed, as an intern, to make mistakes and grow, but also given respect and enough responsibility to feel like I was making a valuable contribution to the company. In the next few years I hope to continue on in the field of computer science, but I would also like to eventually work with kids and have my own urban farm!

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