Student Intern: Kendi Anderson


Lookout Mountain, GA


English and economics


Internship: Times Free Press
During my internship, I was a reporter for the metro-news department and was assigned stories from a variety of different news beats.  I wrote articles that ranged from education to crime reporting, and was also given several feature writing assignments.


My internship at the Times Free Press (TFP) gave me the "real world" experience that I had been looking for in the field of journalism.  Working as a reporter, I was given larger responsibilities than I anticipated going into the internship.  Each day I was sent out to cover a different story and was expected to have it ready for print the next day. I came to love the variety and fast-paced nature of the job.    


What made your internship valuable?
Learning to hear people well and report accurately and with creativity was something that Covenant College had prepared me to do well and an area where I grew a lot in my internship.  I grew not just as a reporter but as a storyteller.  The experience I gained from this internship in the professional world of journalism has prepared me to enter the field upon graduation and allows me know the expectations, challenges, and reason for news reporters in our world. 


What are your goals for the future? 
I plan on continuing to work in journalism upon graduation and gain more experience in the field of news reporting.  Long term, I hope to transition towards literary journalism and a more narrative form of story-telling.


How does your internship relate to your career plans?
My internship has prepared me with a portfolio of bylines and clips of published articles that I have written and it also set my expectations for the field.  Journalism is a very competitive industry and my experience at the TFP will be extremely valuable as I continue in the work of news reporting nationally or abroad, as I am able to graduate with a resume of previous working experience and recommendations. 

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