Finding a Job

Search our posted job opportunity listings on:

Off the Mountain Google Group

You can send an email to the Center for Calling & Career with a request to be added to this group.


ScotsConnect Alumni google forum

You can send an email to Alumni Director Kim Collins with a request to be added to this group.


Identify opportunities you wish to pursue. If you have questions about the business or organization you are looking into and wish to get advice on its merits and value, you can schedule a meeting with Dr. Plating.


Review your online presence and create a Linkedin account if you have yet to do so.


Apply for the position—prepare and send application, resume, cover letter (see our Cover Letter Guide), recommendations, and any other necessary documentation.


Interview for the position—see the Prepare to Interview page.


Utilize these select external online resources in your job search effort: – This page can help you figure out which job search databases to use in your own search

CareerLink – A database of employers and job opportunities in the Chattanooga area

Careerjet – An employment search engine organized by industry and location 

One Day One Job – Sign up for a daily email with job availabilities

Glassdoor  – An inside look at jobs and companies