Resident Assistants

“Covenant’s hall life allows you to be involved in something that is bigger than yourself. You will never have an opportunity to live with 30 guys your age and share your life, struggles, and joys together. It’s a beautiful thing that reflects God’s work in our lives.”
 - Ben Hooper '17

“I love, love, love my hall! I met these girls my first week of school and each of them have had a continuing impact on my life in various ways throughout this year. My particular hall this year had a really cool range of ages and majors... This group of girls (most of them returners to the hall) have welcomed me in since day one and have made me feel so loved and included.”
 - Brittany Stout '18
Student Growth through Residence Life | Jonathan Ingraham '07
Jonathan remembers his experience as a student in Maclellan Hall and reflects on the importance of residence life for Covenant