Founders Hall

Founders Hall

Founders Hall is named after the Belz, Schmidt, and Rayburn families -- the original founders of Covenant College. There are five men's halls and five women's halls in Founders, with a total of 240 residents. Since there are only 11 four-person rooms in Founders, you'll probably be living in a two-person room that measures approximately 12 x 12. The rooms in Schmidt and Rayburn Halls all have their own sinks in their bedrooms. Bathrooms in Founders are located in the center of each hall and shared by all members of that floor.


Founders is a place full of variety, with literally something for everyone. Whether you like to spend your free time playing sports or playing guitar, reading books or writing poetry, watching movies or performing in a play, studying in a coffee shop or in one of the many hall commons or lobby areas in the building, you are sure to find someone who would love to join you. In addition to the many individual activities you have to choose from as a resident of Founders, there are a handful of annual events that most Founders residents are sure to mark on their calendars.


Around Founders: In the fall semester, you will join fellow floormates to transform your hall according to the event’s theme for an audience of fellow Covenant students. Halls are judged on certain criteria by a panel of faculty and staff members.


Founders Music Video Night: In the spring semester, each Founders hall creates a music video. The music videos are compiled and played for the audience and judged by a panel of faculty and staff members. The videos are usually compiled on DVD (and often end up on YouTube!), so it is a night you will never forget.


Founders Fury Ping-Pong Tournament: Founders 2nd lobby holds the only game room on campus and has already had its first annual Founders Fury Ping-Pong Tournament. A singles tournament is in the fall and a doubles tournament is in the spring. Start practicing now-you could be the next champion!


Catacombs Folk Festival: Catacombs is a men's hall in Founders full of musical talent. Each spring they host a music festival that draws students from all across campus. You will have the opportunity to share your talent or just sit back and relax for a night of excellent music and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.