Student Profile: Jane Tjahjono '15

Jane Tjahjono


Class Year


Tangerang, Indonesia




Biblical Studies


Residence Hall and Floor (for 2011-2012)
The Fritz, Andreas Hall


Diversity group and RUF


Favorite place on campus
I really like the veranda on the end of my hall. It is quite secluded and peaceful for doing homework and has a magnificent view. It is also a great place for hall events or just chit-chat with the girls here. However, since it has been cold these days, I prefer to be in the Great Hall or in my snuggly room.


Why did you choose Covenant?
I felt strongly that God led me to be here, even though I had never been to Covenant (or even the States) before. I think this college suits foreigners looking for a strong Christian College in America. Plus, the air is fresh and clean, and the view is gorgeous! This very, very, very Christ-centered college attracted God’s eye, I think.


How is Covenant unique?
The motto: In all things Christ preeminent. I’ve never heard such a strong Christian motto for a college like this.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
I really like Love Lookout. Even though all I did was cut branches to clear the fence from being “jungled,” I felt so happy to be a blessing to the community around Chattanooga.


What is your favorite class, and why?
So far, Old Testament with Dr. Scott Jones has been the best. He really did a good job of piquing my interest to question things in the Bible and read it more critically. However, unlike other religion discussions which tend to arouse the “questioning” of the Bible to attack the Bible and make students doubt God’s word, this class brought me closer to God. Almost every time I left his class, I felt God was more awesome and real to me.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
The girls in my hall are really connected to each other. But, if I have to choose, I will say I learned the most from my RA, Lydia Boone. The way she lives her life reflects Christ in her. Her warm welcome and care throughout my days in Covenant bless me a lot. She is really THE lady to look up to.


What’s your favorite part of the day at Covenant?
Sunrise or sunset. Oh those jaw-dropping scenes. God’s awesomeness is more tangible during that part of the day.


Do you plan to return to Indonesia after you graduate?
I might think of going to a graduate school here first. But definitely I will return to Indonesia after that.


How has it been living at Covenant College, in America?
It has been great! People who ask must definitely come and visit to experience the awesomeness living here. Too much to say; so just come and feel it yourself.


Is Covenant like you imagined?
It is definitely bigger and cozier. Also, Americans here are friendlier than I thought they would be.


Is Chattanooga like you imagined?
Not quite. I imagined Chattanooga to be very remote, green, and chilly. The fact is, it is actually quite busy with several tall buildings, many cars, and in the summer it is “‘sizzling”’ (way hotter than Indonesia).


How is Covenant equipping you for the future?
Covenant is rooting my faith in Christ in all my disciplines. The professors connect their lectures with Christ. This will help me to have a strong foundation in Christ when I go to graduate school in the future.