Plan a Campus Event

If you are planning to hold a campus event and would like it to be included on the online events calendar please contact the coordinator of student leadership at least one week prior to the event. The student development and conference services offices reserve the right to approve or deny events. 


FURF an Event

If your event requires use of campus facilities including room reservations, A/V use, tables, etc., a Facilities Use Request Form (FURF) should be submitted to the Office of Conference Services at least 12 days before the event. Once your request is processed, the conference services office will send an email notifying you whether or not the event was approved. Any questions should be referred to the Office of Student Development.

To FURF for an event:

  • Log-in with your student username and password
  • Click “Create a New FURF”
  • Fill out all necessary event information and click “Save FURF” or “Submit this FURF” if information is complete and ready for approval
  • On the main screen you may also review the FURF calendar and view any FURFs with active conflicts

Be sure that any A/V requests are included in the FURF and that the A/V Event Needs form is filled out and emailed to the coordinator of student leadership once your FURF is completed.



All approved student organizations enjoy the right to advertise on approved campus bulletin boards. Fliers and promotional information not associated with student organizations (residence halls, Student Senate, CAB, clubs) or the academic program should be reviewed by the coordinator of student leadership before posting around campus. This requires advance planning, a skill essential to the administration of a well-run organization. It should be noted that outside (campus) groups or event speakers must be directly sponsored, secured and hosted by at least one student organization. This requirement aids in the general knowledge and facilitation of groups on campus.

  • No advertisements, fliers, posters, etc., may, at any time, be placed on campus building windows, doors, or any painted surfaces.
  • Bulletin boards are available in all buildings for the posting of fliers/posters. Fliers and posters may be attached with sticky tack, masking tape, or push pins. All fliers posted with anything else will be taken down.
  • All posted materials should be removed within 24 hours of the completion of the event. Please take responsibility for your event, including removing advertisements that are no longer applicable.


Covenant College Dance Policy and Permission Form

The following is an explanation of Covenant College views on dancing. Dancing can be a fun activity that brings people together. However, in some contexts, dancing can lead to certain behaviors that could cause others to stumble or lead towards sin. With this in mind, the following guidelines are in place when hosting a dance on or off campus.

  • Community involvement – open to faculty, staff, and students
  • Programmed event – approval is given prior to event
  • Appropriate theme
  • Appropriate music
  • Appropriate style of dance
  • Two resident advisors (one male and one female) and one professional staff member are present for the entire event
  • Approved by the dean of students or the associate dean of students

Dances are only approved for organizations, clubs, halls, hall councils and the Campus Activities Board. You can get a Dance Permission Form online or from the Office of Student Development.


Day of Prayer
The Covenant community observed its bi-annual Day of Prayer on Feb. 10. Classes were suspended for the day to allow students, faculty, and staff to gather as a community to pray. The theme for the spring Day of Prayer was taken from Galatians 4:4-7.