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Life at Covenant

Resources for Parents - Life at Covenant


A Home Away from Home.
Few things in life are more important than family. At Covenant, we realize that choosing a college is very much a family decision. And we acknowledge that, as a parent, you have a significant interest in the kind of day-to-day life our environment provides.

When parents send their sons and daughters to Covenant, they are by no means leaving home. They are simply extending their home to a vibrant, caring, and exciting new place.

Life at Covenant is characterized by…

Support… From academic advising, to career counseling, from the Orientation Team, to RAs and discipleship coordinators, our students have a world of support available to them.

Personal Attention… Our student-to-faculty ratio of just 14:1 results in highly personal, individualized instruction and guidance for every student.

Character… We are thoughtfully Christian, providing a solid foundation for students to live lives that reflect the power and grace of Christ in everything they do.

Safety… Our thriving and caring community atop Lookout Mountain provides a safe, peaceful setting for students to engage in their studies.

Success… We are lifework focused, producing graduates who succeed across a huge range of callings and gain acceptance into graduate schools such as Cambridge, Harvard, and Princeton.