Students Embark on International Community Development Internships

Community Development internships - photo courtesy of the Chalmers Center
Photo courtesy of The Chalmers Center


Seventeen community development students are exploring their field this summer in internships around the world. They are implementing Covenant coursework in research and service internships in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, and the United States.


The community development major requires rising seniors to complete an applicable internship in the summer between their junior and senior years.


“The internships provide an opportunity to problem solve in your field and to use the tools that you’ve gained in the classroom in an intercultural context,” said Dr. Russell Mask, associate professor of community development. “I would encourage any student looking at this kind of program to take the possibility of an internship very seriously. It is vital to understanding what you’re learning.”




"I love the holistic approach of community development. Although I am only a few classes into the major, it is already transforming my view on life. I also have really enjoyed being taught by Dr. Fikkert and Professor Corbett. They are SO knowledgeable in the field of community development and their passion is contagious."
 - Brittany Stout '18

"Corbett, Fikkert, Mask, and Wescher. While these professors are not the only reason I am at Covenant, they are a large part of it. When I heard them speak or had conversations with them before I was a student here, I knew that these were people that I wanted to learn from and be like. They love what they teach and their passion is contagious."
 - Beka Saylor '16