Educators Conference

Educators Conference

The Covenant College Education Department will host the 2014 Educators Conference on Thursday, March 6. The 2014 conference theme is Teaching the Whole Child: Using Faith, Art, and Purposeful Engagement to Bring Learning to an Urban Setting.

Speakers at the conference will include educators from the Mustard Seed School in Hoboken, NJ. Founded in 1979, the school aims to address the educational needs of their urban community, to stimulate and broaden the experiences of city children, and to educate students in an intercultural, interdenominational Christian setting. This school has an intentional mission to the urban poor.


“The Educators Conference is designed so that educators of any context—public, private, or Christian school—may come together to interact around common themes and practices,” said Dr. Jack Beckman, professor of education at Covenant. “Any instructional practitioner or educational leader who desires to be challenged to think and teach Christianly would benefit from attending.”


Conference speakers from the Mustard Seed School will include Tom Postema, head of school; Shanna Pargellis, early childhood director; and Kathleen Hanson, director of grades two through eight. These educators will spend time discussing their school’s unique approach to urban education and will provide practical insights and resources for your own work.


The conference will be held on March 6, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. For more information and to register for the Educators Conference, visit the conference webpage. The registration deadline is February 21.

"My favorite class so far has definitely been T.I.P.S. (Teaching In a Pluralistic Society)...It was such a hard semester enduring the readings, projects, and papers for that class, but through homework, the lectures, and the challenging discussions, I learned so much about how to be diversity-minded while teaching. Though the class is focused on educating children, the topics that were raised really encouraged me to broaden my worldview and place aside hidden biases within myself. "
 - interdisciplinary studies major Daniel Sluis '16