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Alumnus Volunteer of the Year - 2009

Kathy Neal Harris ’71


Kathy Harris has devoted a significant amount of her time, money, and energy to the planning, implementation, and overall success of the Covenant College Wilberforce Scholarship program in Memphis. The Wilberforce Scholarship is a $15,000 competitive scholarship available to students in five regions: Memphis, TN; Gainesville, GA; Dalton, GA; Baltimore/Annapolis, MD; and Birmingham, AL.


Kathy and her husband, Brad, are co-chairs of the Wilberforce Scholarship committee in Memphis. Kathy has done everything from giving toward the scholarship to evaluating prospective students’ scholarship applications to planning and hosting events to mentoring students who are interested in Covenant. Her efforts embody a giving spirit and a genuine belief in the transformational education that Covenant provides for its students.


Kathy Neal Harris ’71