Alumnus of the Year - 2007

T. March Bell '78


T. March Bell '78, the 2007 Alumnus of the Year, was honored at a chapel ceremony on Friday, October 5, 2007.


Rebecca Painter '94, presented the award with the following:

Our Alumnus of the year is a senior executive with extensive experience in criminal litigation, agency management, federal legislation and program design. He is Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Human Trafficking and serves as Senior Special Counsel for Trafficking Issues within the Civil Rights Division to provide policy leadership on program design and cases that involve human trafficking. Before joining the Department, he served as Vice President for an international NGO where he pioneered and designed law enforcement intervention and after care models for victims of forced prostitution in the developing world, including The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and West Africa. These models emphasized multi disciplinary task forces, brothel infiltration, and victim rescue and restoration. Additionally, he serves as the Department of Justice peer design representative for the President’s $50 million eight nation initiative on trafficking in persons. He has litigated complex organized crime and financial fraud cases as an attorney within the Criminal Division of the Department. He has served as General Counsel of the Office of Justice Programs. Additionally, he conducted Congressional investigations for the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism and the Government Reform and Oversight Committee. He has served as Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Quality for the State of Virginia and as Executive Director for several NGOs. He is a graduate of Covenant College and the Pepperdine School of Law. He and his wife, Mariam have also graciously hosted students in their home during the Covenant College Washington DC trip. He also hosted students for tours of the Department of Justice and gave them a feel for the atrocity of human trafficking. He attends McLean Presbyterian Church where he is a Ruling Elder and was also named to the Covenant College Board of Trustees this year. Today is he our chapel speaker.


Please join us in honoring T. March Bell, the 2007 Alumnus of the Year!


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