Sarah Swygard

Sarah SwygardAdmissions Representative


Bartlesville, Oklahoma


Favorite Covenant College event:
'80s Skate Night


Most influential experience at Covenant:
My work study experience was definitely a big part of my development through my college years. I spent a lot of time working, but I was able to work in an office with staff members who daily applied what they had learned at Covenant in a professional environment. It was a huge blessing to both be learning in the classroom and at work.


Most influential class at Covenant:
Contemporary Literature with Dr. Macallister. This was my first upper-level English course, and it really challenged me to deal with complicated secular texts from a Christian perspective.


My co-curricular activities during college:
Speech and Debate Team, Discipleship Coordinator for a year, Intramural volleyball


Why you chose Covenant:
I realized that Covenant was my top choice when I visited and watched the students. Through staying in the residence halls and going to classes, Covenant students repeatedly showed that they cared about what they were learning. My visit showed me that Covenant was deeply Christian, and a really good school too.



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Sarah Swygard
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