Ivy Sjoholm '14

Ivy SjoholmAdmissions Counselor


Birmingham, AL


Major at Covenant
Community Development


How did you choose Covenant?

Covenant was never on my radar when I was in high school. I applied only because I promised an admissions representative that I would. But then I visited the campus and spent a night with the students, met with the professors, and sat in on the classes. The people I encountered were all clear thinkers, were dedicated to finding the best answers, were a lot of fun to be around, and were genuinely concerned with each other’s wellbeing. I chose Covenant because I wanted to be like them.


Most influential class at Covenant

The Theory of Community Development class completely changed the way I saw the world, myself, other people, God, and big concepts like poverty and poverty alleviation. More than any other class, it helped me to see how my life fits in with God’s plans and taught me how to make seeking justice a part of my lifestyle.


Best college memory

Most of my college memories involve late nights in the library, weekend hikes on the bluff trail, and ridiculous all-campus dance parties. My favorite memories though, revolved around evenings with the poetry club. During my freshman year, a chapel speaker challenged the Covenant community to read poetry and scripture out loud to discover the Word in a new way. Taking this to heart, a group of my friends and I began meeting weekly to just that in classrooms, around camp fires, and in professors’ homes. Through reading together, I discovered as certain kind of joy, beauty, hope, and belonging that shaped my understanding of the world, God, and friendship. 



Contact Information

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E-mail: ivy.sjoholm@covenant.edu

Ivy Sjoholm
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