Andrew Bankson '14

Andrew BanksonAdmissions Counselor


Warner Robins, GA


Major at Covenant

Philosophy & Economics


How did you choose Covenant?

When I was a senior in high school, I finally came to grips with the totalizing nature of Christianity—the way that claiming to be a Christian and confessing “Jesus Christ is Lord” has to have ramifications in every area of life—the gospel is “this-changes-everything” kind of news. When I found Covenant, with the motto “In all things Christ preeminent,” I knew that I was home. What was most exciting about Covenant was that not only was this the official motto of the college, but the students believed it too. I found that everyone at Covenant (not just the professors) was banded together in this shared enterprise of exploring and expressing the preeminence of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Most influential class at Covenant

Introduction to Philosophy with Dr. Wingard. This class introduced me to the discipline of philosophy, which I quickly fell in love with and decided to major in. In this class, Dr. Wingard beautifully demonstrated what it looks like to do faithful and rigorous Christian scholarship, all before the face of God. In my humble opinion, I think that everyone should take this class—the section on CS Lewis and virtue ethics alone is worth the price of admission!


Best college memory
My freshman year I lived in Carter Hall on Second South with eighteen other freshmen guys. Because there were so many freshmen, the hall experienced a “reset” of sorts, where we were all able to play an integral role in crafting a culture on the hall and among one another. I came into Covenant painfully idealistic about things like community and brotherhood (I remember writing on the whiteboard outside my room, “We are nothing without brotherhood!” as if I had discovered all the keys to community life), and God used this time to gently dismantle my pipe dreams about community and to show me what it really means to do life together with fellow believers. I made my closest friends on Second South, friends that I know I’ll have until the day I die.


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