Rachel Carleton '13

Wilberforce Scholarship recipient Rachel Carleton


"Our Wilberforce meetings are consistently focused on studying Christians who faithfully followed Christ and fought for righteousness and the kingdom, sometimes in the face of tremendous opposition,” says Rachel Carleton ’13, an economics major.


“We have been poured into by mentors and faculty advisors in preparation for these kinds of trials: following Christ through opposition, when it is the hugely unpopular choice. We have also been challenged to be diligent and disciplined in our studies, and to take them seriously in order to one day use them to further God’s kingdom in the everyday working world.”


In her application essay for the Wilberforce scholarship, Rachel wrote about the call from Jesus to love our neighbors, discussing the parable of the good Samaritan in light of contemporary poverty, racial tension, and war. “Our advisors have constantly reminded us that sometimes being faithful and having character won’t put us in positions of leadership or praise, but sometimes will isolate us. But God is faithful and will never abandon or forsake us, most especially when we are living in obedience to His word.”


Listen to Rachel describe her experience as a Wilberforce Scholarship recipient  


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