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Steps To Apply

We are glad you are interested in applying for admission to Covenant College! The required steps to apply for admission are outlined below. We will begin processing your application file as soon as we receive your signed application for admission, and we will evaluate your completed file when we have received all of the components listed below.


Your Application

Returning Your Materials

Fax: 706.820.0893

Covenant College Admissions Office
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750


Toll Free:888.451.2683

If you have any questions about this process, please let us know. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

1. Application for Admission

You may complete the application for admission online or mail, email or fax the print application.

2. $35 Application Fee

You may pay your application fee online or mail us a check.

3. Personal Testimony

In 1-2 pages (preferably typed), tell us about your conversion experience, your assurance of salvation, and your personal walk with the Lord.


4. Official High School Transcript

Your transcript should be mailed directly from your high school to our admissions office. Your transcript should include the total number of units you have completed, your GPA on a four-point scale, and your class rank, if available.


5. SAT/ACT Scores (ACT Preferred)

If your scores are not included on your official high school transcript, you may request them directly from the College Board (SAT) or the American College Testing Program (ACT).

Covenant's college code numbers are 6124 for the SAT and 3951 for the ACT.

International students: If you live overseas and are unable to take the SAT or ACT, you may take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Please have an official score report sent to us by using our college code number, 6124. We require a minimum total score of 540 (paper-based), 207 (computer-based) or 76 (Internet-based).


6. Completed Academic Reference Form

Your reference may complete the online or print reference form included below or submit a letter of recommendation. This reference form or letter of recommendation should be completed by a teacher in one of the following subjects: English, Science, Social Science, Math, Humanities, or Foreign Language, who can attest to your academic performance. If your reference chooses to submit a letter of recommendation it should be completed on official school letterhead and sent to the Admissions Office.


7. Completed Church Reference Form

Your reference may complete the online or print reference form included below or submit a letter of recommendation. This reference form or letter of recommendation should be completed by your pastor, elder, church leader, or youth leader. Your reference should know you well and be able to testify to your spiritual life, growth and character. All letters of recommendation or reference forms must be sent to the Admissions Office. If your reference chooses to submit a letter of recommendation they should include the capacity in which they know you. Using examples, your reference should address your character, commitment to faith, observed strengths and weaknesses, and any other pertinent information they wish to share with the Admissions Office.


8. Release of Information Form

The Release of Information Form, or Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), protects students by requiring written consent before Covenant discloses personally identifiable information from the student's educational records, except where permitted by FERPA. Please print this form, designate who you give us permission to share your information with, and mail the signed form to our office.


9. College Transcript (if applicable)

If you have completed college coursework, provide an official transcript from each college or post-secondary institution that you have attended.


10. Interview (optional)

If you wish to schedule an optional interview with an alumni or staff member to better understand the college and its graduates, please contact the Admissions Office.



Photograph (Optional)

When we're talking with you online or on the phone, it's great to be able to picture you; it makes our conversations more personal. Want to see who you're talking with? Meet us here.

Please e-mail a photo of yourself in JPEG format to or mail a photograph to our office. Include your full name and address in your e-mail or with the photograph you mail.


Upon completion of a file the Admissions Committee may decide that the following additional information will be required to perform a final evaluation:

  • Phone interview with a member of the admissions staff: This interview helps the Admissions Committee get a more comprehensive understanding of your motivations and academic history.
  • Standardized test: We may request that you retake a standardized test
  • Writing sample: We may request a paper that you have written within the last year that represents your best writing ability. If you do not have a recent paper, you may choose one of our essay topics. We only need one copy; however, we recommend that you retain a copy of everything you send to us for your own records.
    • Option 1

      As a reformer, Martin Luther (1483-1546) certainly changed the world of the Church. Would you say that his opposition to the existing religious authority of his day could be justified from a scriptural standpoint? How might it not? Which biblical principles affect your own responsibility to promote justice and righteousness when such actions come into conflict with an established order? Submit approximately 2 pages, preferably typed.

    • Option 2

      For much of the twentieth century, evangelicals have felt threatened by the scientific enterprise. In your view, have the truth claims of science replaced the Bible as the standard of cultural authority? If so, what are the consequences of this shift? What might an appropriate biblical view of science be for a Christian? Submit approximately 2 pages, preferably typed.