Covenant College, The denominational college of the PCA

Physical & Sport Education

Covenant’s physical education minor provides the student with an in-depth study of the human body and its various functions as they relate to health and fitness and the Christian world and life-view. The minor prepares students to assume leadership in the field by helping them develop neuro-muscular skills in various sports and develop sensorimotor learning through sports and games. Courses provide an understanding of nutritional aspects of good health as well as a thorough study of contemporary issues in health and fitness. The corporate qualities of cooperation, self-subordination and obedience to authority and the individual character qualities of courage, perseverance and hard work are all emphasized in the overall skills learning program and athletic program. The minor also emphasizes the value of lifetime recreational sports and cardiovascular fitness for all.


Physical & Sport Education Classes | Tim Sceggel '06
Tim describes the many courses in both coaching and sport administration that students may encounter in Covenant's physical and sport education program.