Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education is comprised of two programs - the Master of Education (MEd) program and the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program:


Master of Education Degree

The Master of Education degree is offered for school teachers, curriculum directors, and administrators in a K-12 setting with a minimum of one year of school experience and who have ongoing teaching or administrative responsibilities.

Two specializations are offered: Integrated Curriculum and Instruction for classroom teachers or teachers with curricular responsibilities, and Educational Leadership for those who hold, or expect to move into, administrative or supervisory positions. Georgia certification in Educational Leadership is available for non-Georgia students upon completion of the degree. Certification with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) is available for all students upon completion of the degree.

Courses are spread over most of the calendar year, and include three phases: a pre-campus phase, an on-campus phase at Covenant, and a post-campus phase during which projects that have been planned are implemented and evaluated within students’ own professional situations.


Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

Students interested in obtaining initial teacher certification to teach in the following fields should complete a B.A. degree with a major in that field at the undergraduate level, followed by completion of a fifth year in the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. These fields are:

  • Middle Grades: 4-8
    Education Studies major, with concentrations in two of the following content areas:
    • Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
  • Secondary: grades 6-12
    • Biblical Studies
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Economics
    • English
    • French
    • History
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Spanish
  • All levels: grades P-12
    • Art
    • Theatre (Drama)

Jonathan describes Covenant's master of education program and what sets it apart.