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What is Your Favorite Class?

"Organic Chemistry I with Dr. Zuidema. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had, and I learned loads about molecules and how they interact."

Jake Groenendyk '14
Resident Assistant, Andreas


The goals of the chemistry department are:


For general education:

To present, through the general survey course, both information about and insight into the manner in which the creation is sustained by God and thereby to increase students' appreciation of God's glory in what He has made and to help equip students to be better stewards of creation.


For the major field:

To provide students with a large body of information and techniques and with an appreciation of the role of chemical investigation in the kingdom of God. To prepare students for careers in professional chemistry or for admission into medical school.


For related fields:

To meet the needs of students with career interests in other natural sciences and the health care professions. To provide some measure of technical expertise and grasp of the limitations and successful applications of chemistry as it relates to other callings.



Dr. Larry Mehne and Thomas Holcombe ’12 have published an article in partnership with fellow chemists from Clemson and UTC.

Dr. Dan Zuidema describes research and publication as forms of worship, celebrating the many ways God chooses to reveal himself to mankind.

Leah Baugh ’12 received the student scholarship award from the Chattanooga section of the American Chemical Society.