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What's Your Favorite Class?

"Principles of Management with Dr. Quatro. He makes the class fun and exciting, and students always engage in the class discussion. Dr. Quatro does a great job of teaching us how good management principles directly correlate with Christian values. "

Chase Foster '12
Business major
Resident Assistant, Carter


The business department offers a four-year major designed to prepare students for careers in areas such as government, corporate industry, small business, and Christian and secular non-profit organizations. Students may use departmental elective hours to gain some optional specialization in an accounting concentration or approved economics courses. Students with a major other than in business may minor in business.


The department also offers an associate of arts degree in business, requiring two years of study. This degree enables candidates to qualify for various entry-level employment opportunities or to proceed to the regular four year degree program.


Emphasis in all programs is placed on the development of a Christian worldview as it applies to the business dimensions of the created order. Departmental materials giving more specific guidance are made available in the academic advising process.


The Business Program at Covenant

  • Business
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing


Ron Jones

Prof. Ron Jones describes the marketing concentration at Covenant.

Business student internships

Business alumna Jenna Brock describes her student internship and how it helped her apply the accounting concepts she had learned in the classroom.

Christian college business student profile

"Dr. Quatro transforms the typical classroom setting into more of a work environment with him - teacher - as manager and us - students - as employees. The entire environment of the classroom mimics the whole idea of managers investing in people personally and professionally. "
  - Molly Anderson '14, business major