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"One of the things that is always a struggle for professors and students alike is to try to figure out how you do theology in an academic setting without ruining theology! Thinking about God or knowing 'stuff' about God is not the same as knowing God. It’s not the same thing as communion with God. And there is a danger in letting knowledge replace communion. But at the same time, the opposite danger is to act as if knowledge is insignificant to our communion with God. The fact is, we have to know Who it is that we love, and we have to know the ways in which He loves us. So we want to engage in theology as an act of worship. "

Dr. Kelly Kapic
Professor of Theological Studies

Biblical and Theological Studies

The department goals are:

  • to provide all students with general biblical and theological literacy and specifically with an understanding of the general content of biblical and theological truth in the Reformed tradition;
  • to provide ways to arrive at that truth and its relevance for the Church and society;
  • to apply to all students, and specifically Biblical Studies majors and minors, biblical and theological truth as the mold which transforms their heart, renews their mind, and shapes their lives;
  • to fit them with the lenses necessary for a biblical world- and life-view that paves the way to Kingdom activity in the Church and society;
  • to equip them with the biblical rationale for all their culture-related activities beginning with their understanding and appreciation of education from the perspective of the Christian faith;
  • to acquaint biblical studies majors and minors with the problems connected with biblical scholarship and the content of the Gospel over against the belief systems of the modern scene;
  • to empower them with an effective means to communicate the Christian faith in the contemporary scene and to develop a biblically-based apologetic for that faith;
  • to encourage all students in general and Biblical Studies majors and minors specifically to maximize the development of their talents and skills and to seek the advance of the Kingdom of God in the choice and exercise of their profession;
  • and specifically, to urge students with apparent qualifications and gifts for the ministry of the Gospel, whether in the United States or abroad, to consider the possibility of such calling.


The Biblical and Theological Studies Program at Covenant

  • Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Philosophy and Religion (with the Philosophy dept.)
  • Biblical Studies with ACSI Secondary Certification
  • Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Biblical Languages
  • Missions
  • Youth Ministry
  • Missions

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Christian college Biblical Studies student profile

"... Old Testament with Dr. Scott Jones has been the best... Almost every time I left his class, I felt God was more awesome and real to me."
  - Jane Tjahjono '15