Christian college scholarships

Maclellan Scholars

The Maclellan Scholars Program offers courses designed to stimulate the thinking and develop the skills of potential Christian leaders. Students planning to enroll in a four-year program at Covenant College or in the College’s dual-degree program with Georgia Institute of Technology are eligible to be selected as Maclellan Scholars. This scholarship is based on Christian commitment, scholastic achievement, demonstration of leadership ability, and extracurricular activities.


Class of 2016

William Ahrenholz
Bryce Bartelt
Lindsay Geving
Elizabeth Groenendyk
Travis Hutchinson
Andy Millsaps
Joy Ohanian
Henry Overos
Susanna Taft
Ruth Terry
Karen Werkema



Class of 2017

Kate Baker
Jenny Barker
Jonathan Blackmon
Prescott Davis
Damaris Dernlan
James Dillon
Sarah Fink
Bella Knecht
Greer McCollum
Si Mitchell
Morgan Opgenorth
Mary Grace Padgett
Jonathan Rhodes