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What Makes Covenant Unique?


Most people who have been associated with Covenant for any length of time agree that there is something unique about this institution and the way in which it prepares young adults for lives of Christian service. Below, some members of Covenant's faculty answer the question, "What makes Covenant unique?," in their own words.


Dr. Bill Davis
Professor of Philosophy and Coordinator of Faculty Development


  • Every member of Covenant’s faculty is enthusiastic about their academic specialty AND subscribes thoughtfully and knowledgably to the Westminster Confession of Faith every year. Many Christian colleges have faculty members who are passionate about their academic work. Most Christian colleges require their professors to sign some kind of doctrinal statement when they are first hired. Covenant may be alone in having professors who can model both active engagement in their disciplines and an ongoing commitment to a detailed, Reformed system of doctrine that stresses the inerrancy and authority of God’s Word.

  • Covenant’s faculty members view life in a local church as a central part of their own lives and are eager to see their students using all their talents (whether academic, artistic, athletic, entrepreneurial, etc.) to serve local churches and the needy world as church members. (Some other Christian colleges may hope that these things will happen. These things have been true at Covenant for its entire history.)

  • External reviewers have found that Covenant’s (junior-level) Christ & Culture course and Senior Integration Project requirements are unique among Christian colleges. Covenant expects students both to wrestle with the theoretical problem of being in the world but not of it (Christ & Culture) and to demonstrate the practical ability to integrate their faith and their academic work (Senior Integration Project).


Dr. Davis is a Covenant alumnus who holds both an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame, along with an M.A. from Westminster Theological Seminary.


Dr. Scott Quatro
Professor of Management

Covenant is passionately focused on the fact that Jesus is making all things new. And he's doing that right now, through us, as His people. This truth is incredibly humbling and motivating, at the same time.

Dr. Quatro holds a B.A. from Pepperdine University, an M.B.A. from the College of William and Mary, and a Ph.D. from Iowa State University .


Dr. Toni Chiareli
Professor of Sociology


  • A clear Christian identity: Covenant College succeeds in presenting and offering to students a view of theology and doctrine that is well integrated into the curriculum and community life. There's no question about our reformed identity and the faculty is carefully selected in terms of its support of it. It is not uncommon for schools to suffer from an identity crisis, in that they may be Christian schools but there is no overarching agreement among administration, faculty, staff, and students about what is the clear identity of the school. I am grateful that at Covenant we enjoy a clear and strong Christian identity.

  • A clear affirmation of the value of the liberal arts in Christian higher education: a Covenant College education is soundly structured within the liberal arts tradition. We affirm the value of these disciplines as foundational for the type of thinking, analysis, and applied skills that the liberal arts provide. Some sectors of higher education have been fast abandoning the liberal arts and moving toward professionalizing tracks (nursing, social work, engineering, pharmacy, education, etc.). Certain institutions sometimes claim to offer a liberal arts-based education, while directing most of the funding and growth toward the non-liberal arts professional tracks.

  • Covenant College places a very high priority in intercultural competencies: training our students to become competent thinkers, workers, servants in a global, multicultural society is one of our main goals. Much of the faculty is engaged in intentional training in intercultural competencies and we offer key core courses that integrate this approach with their substantive contents.


Dr. Chiareli holds a B.A. from Macalester College, and both an M.A. and Ph.D. from Northwestern University.